Free Online Sex…..Is it real?

free online sex
Free online sex is something everyone has thought about at some point in their life. Married, divorced or single everyone has stopped and thought about the idea of a hot encounter with no strings attached. But does it actually happen and if so how? Yes and yes would be the answer to those questions.

Free online sex does happen and whether it is over cams, chats or actual physical encounters it can all be found online and all for free! Women are as sex driven as men and there is plenty of each out there, all looking for online encounters that are discreet and readily available. If you know what you’re looking for and where to look for it then finding online sex for free doesn’t need to be a challenge but an enjoyment from start to finish!

This article will hopefully shed some light on the dos and don’ts of looking for free online sex and help you in your search for that wild night of passion with the perfect person or persons for you.

 Where to start and what to do?

If you have no experience or you’re tired of trawling through site after site of sites promising free online sex but delivering nothing, then it’s not to say you’re looking in the wrong place but you’re looking in the wrong place. Don’t be disheartened there are 1000’s of sites out there all promising the same things and most of them just aren’t worth the time of day. What you need to do is some research first, trust me when I say I have looked through nearly all of them and there are only a few I can recommend, my favourite being for reasons I’ll explain later.

The first thing you want to do when looking for a site that offers real sexual encounters is sort out the porn sites from the dating sites. Typing ‘free online sex’ into your web browser will provide you with some entertaining results but you’ll most likely be disappointed albeit pleasantly, to find you’ve been led onto a porn site. Porn sites are great if that’s what you’re after, but why not take the next step and make it real, believe me there are like- minded people out there to suit any fetish you may feel like indulging in.

Go on adult chat forums and talk to people about what you’re into, you’ll be surprised by the amount of people out there willing to help, this is how I found out about swipe-affair and now I don’t use anything else when looking for some fun! Finding the right site is probably the hardest part when looking for free online sex but when you have found and chosen the right one the rest is laid out in front of you for your pleasure. Set up your profile and be honest, just remember everyone on the site is looking for the same thing as you so don’t be shy when it comes to saying what it is you like and are looking for.

How to initiate that first encounter?

When all is said and done and you’ve found a site that you like, the next step is to look for what you want, my advice when doing this would be; be direct. Nobody knows what you like unless you tell them and shying away from it will only end in a less than satisfactory encounter.

I’ve had many open chats on Swipe-affair about the things that excite me and the things that don’t and I found all of the conversations surprisingly comfortable as we openly chatted about our deepest kept desires and fetishes. Believe me when I say anything goes on the internet and there are always people out there that are looking for the exact same thing. When I’ve found someone I like I always find it the best approach to first like the person’s profile that I’m interested in and then drop them a short but honest message explaining what I’m looking for. Swipe-affair is great for this as it allows you to send unlimited messages and from my experience a fast response rate. At first it felt uncomfortable being so honest, but I found it always welded the best results and it was quite liberating at the same time, another one of the benefits of looking for free sex online.

Things to look forward to…..

There are many benefits of finding people online to share sexual encounters with and some of them are; it is discreet, private and lots of fun. You have the ability to meet people that you would only fantasize about but never dream of talking to if you met them in real life and the best thing about it all is you can actually meet them.

You meet people that like to skip the chat and get straight to the point or people that prefer to get to know each other a bit first. This is one of the good things I found with the site that I use as I was given the opportunity to discuss what it was that we were both looking for first. Without a doubt the hardest part about finding free online sex is finding the right site to use, you’ll want something with a large database of people, quick load-up speeds and most of all a free sign up.

Within days of signing up to the right site I had one of the best encounters I had ever had, up till then and I haven’t looked back since. Free online sex is real, it is discreet, it is fun and it is easy when you know where to look. I hope this article has shed some light on what to expect and given you the confidence and help you needed with your search. I wish you all many happy days or nights fulfilling your wildest dreams, with the people of your dreams, doing the things in your dreams!


Free Online Sex
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